An error has been made. I'm going to blame it on the new update. But is anyone else connecting to Gawker and finding that it thinks they are another person entirely?

I am not Nikiaf. I do not know Nikiaf. Nikiaf is lucky that [CFK] Tender Vittles is not an evil person, else very bad things may have happened. A racist, sexist screed on Jezebel, perhaps? An incredibly stupid car question on Jalopnik? A essay applauding Wal-Mart and McDonalds for treating their employees like cattle "because it's what people 'like that' deserve" on Gawker? I don't have the heart.

But I do wonder how common this very troublesome error is. Is anyone else out there not who they are? Is a site-wide identity crisis in our near future, or is this merely a fluke?